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Tangerine Moon

Jolanta was born in London, of Polish/British parents, her earliest memories being of frozen lakes & trains travelling through the forests of Poland.
She crossed the Atlantic Ocean by ship, docking in Cape Town shortly before her 3rd birthday.
The songs on her latest album are largely allegorical, resonating with the sounds of the sea, echoes of Europe and an African heartbeat.
Working closely with her husband, James Durno, & Goran Josipovic (Moya Studios), the 18 track Album "Tangerine Moon" was produced.
The Album includes English & foreign language songs, such as "1001 Nights", "Moj Ocean" (Polish), "Qu'est-ce Q'est C'est" (French), & "Ola i Osa" (Polish).
This Album is an organic production using 16 international musicians (Amaeshi Ikechi, Della Tamin, Bernice Boikanyo, Samson Diamond, etc.

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Everlasting Day

"Everlasting Day" is a collection of 12 contemporary folk-rock songs with a Celtic influence, which received radio play on numerous stations in SA & the UK throughout 2008. The theme is eternal perfection found in the simple beauty of every living day. It is about relationships & friendships, set against the vivid splendour of Creation. Most of the songs have been written for specific people or occasions, such as weddings & other celebrations. Other songs are refreshingly honest, born out of personal experience, and a reflection of an ongoing journey. The Tree is symbolic in numerous songs, of life, timeless strength & solidity. Jolanta Durno's lyrics & compositions, combine with James Durno's & Gunther Zursiedel's arrangements to create an inspirational masterpiece.

The Beautiful Game

In 2009 Jolanta Durno composed & wrote "The Beautiful Game!", in collaboration with Poet & Praise Singer, Eric Begala.
The record was shopped using the image created by her husband, James Durno, which was then used as the front cover of the Official World Cup Soccer Team Album, "Shapa Bafana Shapa" (Gallo Records), and by the host nation, South Africa. Jolanta's song featured on this album, and was played nationwide over World Cup Season, at soccer stadiums & fan-parks.
"The Beautiful Game!" also became a popular cell phone ringtone.

Woodworks on the Move

(© JA DURNO 2004, Produced by Think Toys, SA)
"Woodworks on The Move" is a fun, exciting & educational compilation of 17 songs. These have all been written, arranged & recorded by Jolanta Durno, and aim at an audience between the ages of 2 and 10. The CD has been sold through Think Toys Children's Toys Shops since 2004.
The funky songs focus on the development of educational & social skills in children - with themes including Transport, Weather, Outer Space & Homes on the Move. Counting, reading, rhythm & rhyme are encouraged, with all lyrics included. Jolanta Durno's lyrics & compositions, combine with James Durno's & Gunther Zursiedel's arrangements to create a delightful CD and a hit amongst children worldwide!